The Mailinator email system is a PUBLIC email system and provides NO privacy.
All emails in the Mailinator system can be read by anyone and are considered in the public domain. By design, the Mailinator system allows any user to read any email in any inbox without authorization.
Do not use the Mailinator system for any information you wish to keep private in any way. Users should have NO expectation of privacy or security using this system. Alternate inbox addresses attempt to provide some level of obfuscation, however, this feature should not be construed as secure or to provide "privacy" in any way.
Mailinator uses Cookies to improve your browsing experience. The public Mailinator system does not require signup or login. If you do signup/login however, logged in credentials (gmail, slack) are used to facilitate storing settings and interacting with the respective services as intended. External email/gmail addresses, slack team names or room names, private domains, and all other personally identifying data are not shared with any third parties.

By using this service, you agree to the following terms: Mailinator and ManyBrain, Inc. makes no warranty of reliability or suitability for any purpose. Its availability or existence may be removed at any time by its owners. Any email sent through Mailinator may or may not be available for viewing, may be altered, and is immediately viewable by ANY user of the system. You agree to only access Mailinator data through the Mailinator website or Mailinator-provided facilities (i.e. Mailinator-mobile). Programmatic access is limited to paid accounts and the provided API. You agree to not use Mailinator directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose. You agree that any email you send to Mailinator or emails you induce other sites/persons to send will become public domain once in the Mailinator system with no expectation of privacy for email content . You agree not to use the public Mailinator system to receive, store, or view emails containig private or confidential information. You understand that Mailinator/ManyBrain has no control over material put into mailboxes. You agree to hold ManyBrain, Inc./Mailinator harmless from any damages caused by loss of emails, content within emails, damage to your computer (or innocence) from viewing emails, direct or indirect use of this system.
By registering with Mailnator you agree that Mailinator will store your email address for use in identifying you to retrieve your saved messages. Also you understand that Mailinator may, from time to time, send you emails regarding updates or news about the Mailinator service.
Mailinator uses cookie to know if you're logged into Mailinator (signup and login is not required to view public emails). This allows us to provide you a personalized site experience including saving of individual emails and settings. Cookies also help us detect uses of the site against our Terms of Service. You can also learn more about cookies by visiting, which includes useful information on cookies and how to block cookies using different browsers. Blocking or deleting cookies may prevent you from taking full advantage of our Services.